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Mayon Solutions provides a wide range of services on registration and further support of your business. Being client oriented and possessing unparalleled expertise in creating a strong framework for a successful and long-term business, we are committed to develop unique solutions and business models with a clear legal structure and an efficient financial planning mechanism. Our team specialises in corporate structuring of any complexity. We possess proper instruments and skills for arranging this process from A to Z, including such essential stages as incorporation, opening of bank accounts, tax planning, accounting and reporting, obtaining an appropriate licence for your business.


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MiCA Regulation on Stablecoins Comes into Effect

The EU’s primary legislation on cryptocurrencies, known as MiCA, came into effect for stablecoin regulation on June 30, 2024. Broader MiCA rules will apply starting December 30, 2024, encompassing the[…]

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EU expands AML regulation impacting cryptocurrency compliance

The European Parliament has approved new laws aimed at bolstering the EU’s anti-money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing efforts, with significant implications for the cryptocurrency sector. Key provisions of the[…]

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What Are the Main Benefits That AI Can Offer For Fintech Companies?

Despite the multitude of concerns that surround AI and its impact in the future, there are many benefits the technology can have on the fintech industry.  Here are some of[…]

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