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2023 Fintech Sector Recap: A Comprehensive Summary of the Year’s Results

The fintech market in 2023 is undergoing transformative changes driven by various dynamics, as highlighted in this insightful article by Mayon. Key factors influencing the fintech market include below. Regulatory Environment: The regulatory landscape plays a vital role in shaping the fintech market. Regulatory bodies are actively establishing frameworks to promote innovation while ensuring consumer…
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FinTech Trends for 2021

Micro-Services Micro-services help Fintech with the flexibility required to create innovative technology. Micro-services are developed to solve the problem of monolithic design by breaking up applications into smaller  independent services. As they offer a unique technology proposition and allow the development of independent applications, it is possible to meet specific business requirements. Artificial Intelligence and…
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Digital Banking License in Singapore

Singapore has favorable conditions for launching new projects and innovative solutions in modern technologies sphere. The regulatory framework for financial institutions stimulates development of innovative products. Therefore,  the number of registered fintech companies in the country is rapidly increasing. Recently the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has approved first digital banking licenses. The digital banking…
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