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2023 Fintech Sector Recap: A Comprehensive Summary of the Year’s Results

The fintech market in 2023 is undergoing transformative changes driven by various dynamics, as highlighted in this insightful article by Mayon. Key factors influencing the fintech market include below. Regulatory Environment: The regulatory landscape plays a vital role in shaping the fintech market. Regulatory bodies are actively establishing frameworks to promote innovation while ensuring consumer…
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NFT Market down: Legal perspective on NFT

The non-fungible token (NFT) market has fallen significantly in recent months, with trading volumes down by over 90% since their peak in January 2022. This has led to numerous concerns about the long-term viability of the NFT market and the legal implications of owning and trading NFTs. There are a number of reasons for the…
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Unveiling the Challenges of Chatbot GPT in Law

As technology advances, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems like Chatbot GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) have become increasingly prevalent in various fields, including the legal industry. Chatbot GPT is designed to understand natural language and provide contextually relevant responses. While these chatbots have shown remarkable capabilities in various domains, their integration into legal sector raises significant concerns.…
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Perspectives for fintech development in Ukraine

The Law of Ukraine “On Payment Services” has been  adopted, but will come into force from August 1, 2022. The section regarding open banking will come into force from August 1, 2025. Below we analyse what opportunities this Law opens up for the development of financial technology activities in Ukraine. The Law establishes the framework…
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